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With all the attempts to normalize the "alt-right" and package them as dapper (and therefore more palatable?) hatemongers, who manage to keep their pocket squares crisp while venting their frustration that white/cis/het is not the default setting of all things anymore;

With the wheedling exhortations to "give it a chance" and "try to understand" factions that quite frankly would not piss on me and the people I care about if we were on fire;

I'm reminded of this tale penned by James Clavell, "The Children's Story". Take five minutes and read it.

We have an incoming President with the mindset of a petulant toddler. He is held up as a paragon by his adherents, something to aspire to, to converse in dumbed-down language and squall when his desires are not immediately met without question.

Consider how easily the classroom is swayed in Clavell's story. Consider how malleable the PEOTUS is by the sycophants that surround him. Consider. Considering anything is going to put you a few levels above his functioning parameters, which we can all agree are stuck permanently in Id.

John Oliver* was right. This is not normal. Do not accept this as normal. Please. Write letters. Make phone calls. Send emails. Tweet. You are not alone. We can support each other. We are all we have.

*I just found out he is Stephen Oliver's nephew.
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