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Hello, schmetterlings. Yes, it's been a long time.

People that I have been admiring, and following on twitter for some time, have been issuing blanket statements against #GamerGate. By choosing to remain true to my opinion of the schism that exists, I have been effectively called a terrorist, a Klansman, an "internal misogynist", a cancer, a sockpuppet, a supporter of patriarchy, rape, death threats, and various terms for excrement. A sex-negative slut-shamer. A troll (well, guilty on that one, but not in the manner they intend), a Breitbart/Drudge adherent, a stalker.

I am none of those things. I am a 42 year old, cisfemale, bisexual, polyamorous, PC and console gamer. I have survived cancer twice, I am a survivor of sexual abuse, I am not able-bodied or neurotypical. I am a feminist. I have been a victim of stalking, harassment, rape and death threats, both online and off.

I don't think Zoe Quinn OR Eron Gjoni are good people. I could be wrong.

I think Anita Sarkeesian should give me the 35 dollars back that I pledged to her Kickstarter back in the day., but that's not going to happen. I think that she's delighting in stirring the pot. I could be wrong.

I think that Joss Whedon, Felicia Day, Jon Scalzi, Chris Kluwe, and many other people that I have ardently admired...are entitled to their opinions, but I don't know where they have gotten their information from, because so much that is being pumped through the MSM and its subsidiaries is terribly biased. And some of the aforementioned people have said some ugly, castigating, and nonconstructive divisive things, and I am personally very hurt...by people I have never met, and outside of conventions, likely never will.

I don't like Adam Baldwin's politics but I have been nodding my head at much he has been saying about #GamerGate.

I have been reading as much as I can, for the past two months, about #GamerGate. There is very little neutral reporting being done about the situation, and that in itself speaks volumes.

Tensions are high. Tempers are flaring. ON BOTH SIDES.

There have been privacy breaches and crimes committed,; doxxing, threats, what have you.. ON BOTH SIDES.


Boogie has been a very rational voice throughout all of this...which has served to get him doxxed by the anti-GG side, something that has gone ignored (and may I cynically suggest it's because he is a white cismale?). http://boogie2988.tumblr.com/

Other than that...I have had to piece my opinion together by reading between the lines from every possible source. I no longer trust the Gawker media to be objective, or many other gaming sites, because, hello, this really IS about ethics in gaming journalism, and they've all circled the wagons.

I am not happy with this. I am only one person, yes, but I am weary of the hyperbolic flailing being perpetrated by BOTH SIDES.

I'm going to go play WoW and Diablo III and Puzzle Pirates and use games as the escapism that they are designed for. Azeroth is an imperfect world, but at least I am only judged on my button-mashing skills there.

And at least there, I can find solutions. I don't have any for #GamerGate.
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CandiruLove 3:20 pm
http://www.riemurasia.net/kuva/Dildokone/124183 omg its a DILDOIZER

Terry Martin 3:21 pm
the wood

CandiruLove 3:21 pm
sand that shit yo
and varnish
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Terry Martin 3:21 pm
or just use a dick

CandiruLove 3:21 pm
I'll use your dick
on the next cute boy I see

Terry Martin 3:21 pm
Terry, I choose you!

Terry Martin 3:22 pm
*dick hits boy and falls to ground*

CandiruLove 3:22 pm
Its super efective!

Terry Martin 3:22 pm

I always wanted pricky hair like Nancy.
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stop it.

May. 2nd, 2014 12:04 pm
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I am too depressed and tired and all the fibrothings and all the PCOthings and whatnot for this. I spent last night trying to explain why women are fed up with the pressure of images constantly being hurled at them in media, how we are conditioned to seek out some impossible ideal in EVERYTHING. I did not make my case and I was not heard. Which naturally sent me into a deeper depression because that's how it works.

You know what women want? First of all, we want the same goddamn stuff men do. Maslow's Hierarchy is not gendered.

But beyond that? We want to stop being told what we want all the damn time.
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Who are they appealing to with this ad? I'm assuming it's some of that Susan Komen pinkwashing shit that crops up every October along with the yogurt lids and rose-colored handguns. So are they trying to get money from rich males who are into faux-lesbian frottage?

Even if there were ads with Marcus Schenkenburg and Tyson Beckford all nude and spooning up to each other, it wouldn't make me want to buy whatever bodywash/designer bedding/drain cleaner/personal lubricant they were selling. Why? Because their body types tend to appeal to a male power fantasy. They're nice looking in the face, sure, but I personally am not keen on getting frisky with a guy who could snap me in half with his pinky.

And before you chime in with this:

Let me say...women do not buy romance novels and just stare at the fucking covers. They buy them to read and possibly jill off to the tender sexytimes lavishly described in purple prose therein. Ya know, kind of how books are supposed to work. What's that? Yes, Bubba, women can be literate too. And we are so over Fabio. Even Jill Sobule was, twenty years ago.

(suck it, Katy Perry. Also those helga-afropuffs she is rocking there? Adorable. Why can't my hair do that?)
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I had a good rant in mind last night, but now I'm just too disgruntled/distracted/dysenteric (seriously, my guts are roiling from stress diarrhea. TMI? Deal with it) to engage in punditry.


Apr. 26th, 2014 06:09 pm
This is the best picture I seen in weeks. I love this picture. Look at him getting his Ferdinand on. Teef!

You know what a buck toothed cow says? MOOF!
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So even if Barry takes the whole rest of his term off, he still won't be anywhere near...
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As a person with dyscalculia, this is something I literally have bad dreams about. Especially concerning phones. I'll be stuck somewhere, I'll be trying to call for help, and all the keypads on phones have been scrambled.

Let me explain: I learn phone numbers through muscle memory. This sucked when my parents stubbornly refused to give up their rotary phones until after I'd left home. Touchtone made it much easier to just think up-up-down-up-topleft-bottomright-middle whatever. I cheat through choreography. With unfamiliar numbers I screw up often, hunting and pecking. Yeah, I know, its only ten buttons. But I can't. This is a limitation I had.

It was hilarious in middle school when, because I was in the gifted program, they automatically put me in Mathletes. LOL FOREVER. I would show up for the tests and just...gobbledygook all over the paper. I never knew what the fuck I was doing.

It's ironic that my dad was a math teacher.

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