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Anyone who chooses trendiness over comfort hasn't grown up yet. Life is too short to have your feet pinched, to have your pantyhose rolling down your ass, to get jabbed by underwires.

When you're comfortable, you don't give a fuck how you look, and you don't give a fuck what other people think. When you're comfortable, you know you're not there to decorate the shallow little world of people who think they can look down on you for wearing Birks and flannel.

It's also easier to kick people in the balls when you're not worried about your waistband digging into you.
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I like the way I look, but I might put the white streaks back in my hair (haven't chunk bleached since...1996? I think?) so I could do the Kool-aid thing every few weeks again. Oh, and I need some new clogs. Either boiled wool felt with ribbon trim or painted leather ones with tulips and/or distelfinks.

Yesterday I inhaled a bug. I coughed and hacked and finally ptooed out a big bug lugie at a dinosaur. Yes, a dinosaur. Dino did not care because she was fiberglass.

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